Controlling Seizures Through Chemogenetics

Electricity is the currency of our nervous systems. Thinking and planning, walking and talking, eating and sleeping—all our mental and physical activities are driven by electrical signals moving through the brain. This electrical traffic ebbs and flows in consistent patterns across different brain regions, carrying information from one neuron to the next.

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan Offers Opportunities in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering (BME) and the medical device industry show a remarkable rise in China, perhaps as a result of previous five-year plans which have emphasized these areas. According to the data of 2015 China Blue Book of Development of Medical Device Industry, during the 12th five-year plan, China focused intently on nurturing medical companies and developing medical equipment, regarding it as an emerging industry.

Novel Neuromodulation Techniques

Neuromodulation techniques using magnetic fields and electrical stimulus date back to before the 19th century. Presently, neuromodulation is achieved with various modes of physical stimulation including magnetic, electrical, acoustic, optical, and even thermal stimulation to neural systems.

Thumbs Up for Stem Cells

Researcher Jeanne Loring thinks she has a good method for reversing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and she believes this method—a stem-cell therapy—will find its way to clinics in as little as twoand- a-half years. Although the work has progressed very smoothly, one thing has

Danielle Bassett

Can brain training make us smarter? Danielle Bassett may be one of the best researchers to ask. Bassett, a physicist by training, is changing neuroscience by applying network science.

The Virtual Physiological Human

The Physiome Project was initiated by the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) in 1997 to bring multiscale engineering modeling approaches to the physiological interpretation of the wealth of molecular data that was becoming available at that time.

Healing the Burn

When brothers Jamie and Glen Selby, aged 5 and 7, arrived at the Shriners Burns Institute in Denver, Colorado, in July 1983, more than 97% of their skin had been destroyed by a fire they had accidentally started while playing in an abandoned house. The

Steering Organoids Toward Discovery

Over the past decade, researchers have discovered that, left to their own devices, stem cells will generate multiple cell types that assemble into structures resembling an organ. These organoids have been made for many body parts, including the retina, liver, intestine, kidney, and even the brain.