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From Annoying to Appreciated
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Clinical decision support is about making the right thing to do the easy thing to do. And it’s about putting into place a process that will systematically guide decisions and actions toward the most effective and appropriate ones... Read more

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Introducing the Authors When the stream is driven by a powerful pump, the running waters can take you to the unknowns o...

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It Is Diversity of Experience That Counts

Isaac Asimov, the celebrated science fiction writer, once wrote an essay about creativity [1]. The truly creative mind, he wrote, is one that makes new connections between previously separated concepts. This new connection can only come from the mind of an isolated individual; a new ... Read more

Work in Living Systems

This book is a four-editor, ten-contributor text with an interesting collection of nine essays regarding the relationship of work and life from a variety of viewpoints. These viewpoints are the products of thinking sessions among the authors, who come from fields such as electrical engineering, biology, psychology, neurobiology, marine re... Read more

3-D Printed Pills: A New Age for Drug Delivery

A critical and often underappreciated step in the development of a new small-molecule drug is its manufacture into a pill for oral delivery. It is critical to maintain the biochemical potency that makes the drug a desirable therapeutic while simultaneously building in the physicochemical properties needed to meet the pharmacokinetic profi... Read more

Opportunities to Identify Unmet Needs Outside of the Operating Room

The ability to identify unmet needs and new product opportunities is an important skill for biomedical engineering students planning a career in the medical device industry. Most biomedical engineering graduates will work in industry where many projects will not be defined for them. They will ... Read more

Open for Comments: “Rehabilitation Engineers, Technologists, and Technicians: Vital Members of the Assistive Technology Team”

RESNA's Rehabilitation Engineer and Technologist Professional Specialty Group (PSG 4) is requesting public comments on a draft white paper that seeks to define the current roles and responsibilities of AT practitioners... Read more