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What Architecture and Bioengineering Have in Common
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Imagine a future in which our buildings act and react like living organisms to environment conditions, facades breath through self-activating apertures, building structural... Read more

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Balancing Engineering and Biology in Bioengineering

For most of my career, I have heard rumors that engineering comprises a set of silos, with each discipline narrowly defi...

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Single Cell Sequencing: The Future of Cancer Care

The advent of oncology therapies acting against molecular targets in pathways inhibiting carcinogenesis has opened new treatment options with greatly reduced toxicities. A recent example is the blocking of the epidermal growth factor signaling pathway by the binding of a monoclonal antibody to the EGF receptor or the inhibition of tyrosi... Read more

Sleep Disorders: Fertile Ground for Novel Engineering Approaches

We spend roughly one-third of our lives asleep. Although the primary function of sleep remains a topic of debate among researchers, there is agreement that sleep is important for the rejuvenation of many bodily functions. The endocrine and immune systems are particularly active during sleep, cellular repair mechanisms ... Read more

Should Bioengineering Graduates Seek Employment in the Defense Industry?

They say that the difference between a mechanical engineer and a civil engineer is that the mechanical engineer develops weapons whereas a civil engineer designs targets... Read more

Entrepreneurship in Capstone Design: Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far?

During the 2013 Biomedical Engineering Society meeting in Seattle, Washington, I spoke with a department chair about his program’s capstone design course... Read more

Strange Musical Rhythms

Music, along with its attached rhythm, has been with man for centuries, developing and evolving along with him. Its influence on human behavior and mood can reach levels whose limits are still unknown, especially in everything related to perception, where the whole nervous system is involved... Read more