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Stem-Cell Work Yielding New Approach to Disease
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Interest in stem cells escalated in 2006 when scientists figured out how to reprogram some specialized adult cells to assume a stem-cell-like state. Called induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), these cells opened the door to a range of potential applications.... Read more




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Co-Ops and Capstone Design: Are They Interchangeable?

Many engineering schools in the United States provide opportunities for their undergraduate students to gain practical, ...

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Sleep Quality Assessment

Physical recreation, hormone secretion, immune systems, memory functions, and mood are all related to sufficient and restorative sleep. As biomedical engineers, we would like to quantify this ultimate “sleep quality,” but how can we assess it?... Read more

Student Management Teams

It may seem like letting the fox in to guard the henhouse when students are asked to help with the way a class is taught, but it can be valuable to learn directly about student perceptions of course presentations. Having students help direct your course teaching is not such a bad idea.... Read more


The origins of convolution and its further and rather complex historical development were dealt with in detail in a previous article. We saw there that it can be traced back to the middle of the 18th century; however, its modern form and use are not more than 50 or 60 years old.... Read more

An Overview of In Vivo Macroscopic Imaging

This three-editor, 13-contributor, seven-chapter text, per the preface, is written for the researcher interested in using imaging techniques to accomplish in vivo imaging.... Read more

Vendor-Neutral Electronic Health Records

While it is not hard to reach agreement about how we got to this point of major struggle with nationwide EHR implementation, it is a lot harder to agree on a vision that can move us beyond this challenging situation.... Read more