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New Prostheses and Orthoses Step Up Their Game
Cover Story

Forty years ago, Les Baugh lost both of his arms in an electrical accident. With bilateral shoulder-level amputations, his options for prosthetic arms were limited. That changed two years ago, when Baugh underwent a surgical procedure at Johns Hopkins Hospital.... Read more

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Virtual Reality

Rehabilitation engineering has evolved from traditional mechanical assistive devices and training systems into applicati...

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Vendor-Neutral Electronic Health Records

While it is not hard to reach agreement about how we got to this point of major struggle with nationwide EHR implementation, it is a lot harder to agree on a vision that can move us beyond this challenging situation.... Read more

Food for the Future

The world is facing a challenge of population growth that carries with it the need to provide all those extra people with sustenance. The human population of the earth currently has an annual growth rate of 1.2%; if that continues, humanity will double in number every 60 years.... Read more

Metabolism: The Physiological Power-Generating Process

A previous “Retrospectroscope” note dealt with spirometry: it described many apparatuses used to measure the volume of inhaled and exhaled air that results from breathing. Such machines, when adequately modified, are also able to measure the rate at which work is produced.... Read more

Health Informatics and Winning the War on Cancer

Two books are reviewed: Guide to Health Informatics, 3rd ed., and The Death of Cancer: After Fifty Years on the Front Lines of Medicine, a Pioneering Oncologist Reveals Why the War on Cancer Is Winnable—and How We Can Get There.... Read more


Courage is uncommon. It is not the determination to exact revenge or to react with a fear imposed by others, but the ability to persevere on your own despite external events. It is neither denial nor is it unawareness; courage is vigilant and prudent. It is quiet but attentive.... Read more