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Courtesy of Avery Louie, BOSSlab. A scene from a BOSSlab workbench: pipette tips, a rack of micropipettors, and heat resistant gloves.
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In summer 2008, 23-year-old Kay Aull had just graduated from MIT with a degree in bioengineering when she came across a competition for so-called “biohackers” on science fiction website Coined “the Mad Science Contest,” it challenged participants to invent new life forms that could be created in a bio lab... Read more

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FUJIFILM - A DR Solution that's right for you.
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Faculty Internships for Capstone Design Instructors

Capstone design courses help prepare students for professional practice. The demands of the workplace are constantly cha...

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IEEE Pulse Receives Award

We are pleased announce that the November/December 2013 issue of IEEE Pulse has recently won a 2014 Apex Award for Design and Illustration for cover image. APEX 2014 awards were based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and the success of the submitted entry in achieving overall communications effectiveness and... Read more

Frontiers in Biomedical Engineering

The prowess and future of EMBS is directly linked to the vigor, vision and effectiveness of the Technical Committees (TCs). No matter how skilled the society leadership has been, the current impetus cannot be sustained without the solid backing of technical leaders in each of the areas... Read more

Tailoring EMBC’14 for Students and Young Professionals

Every year, dedicated EMBS volunteers put together a series of activities for the annual EMBC specifically aimed at Students and Young Professionals. There are free networking lunches with EMB leaders, workshops to hone soft skills (registration required), sessions for career advice... Read more

Breaking Patterns: The Long Road to a Diabetes Solution

In 1872, German Egyptologist Georg Ebers made a surprising discovery related to the ancient practice of medicine. The discovery, found in southern Egypt, was a papyrus believed to contain the first documented reference in history to diabetes. Although Eber’s papyrus was estimated to date back to 1550 B.C., it contained passages referenc... Read more

The Nature of Engineering Professions and Bioengineering

I begin with basic observations on the history of science that lead to the conclusion that bioengineering is about to be incredibly important to the careers and lives of our students. In each observation, my simplistic model is of a scientific breakthrough... Read more