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The Coming Gray Tide
Cover Story

The human population is getting older, and technology will play a key role in addressing the pressures this aging will place on healthcare systems.... Read more

Editorial Blogs

Beyond Longevity: Healthy Aging as a Universal Goal

What is the difference between life span and health span? The first reflects longevity measured by the number of years lived, while the second represents the ability to enjoy a reasonably healthy condition throughout most of those years.... Read more

Professional Licensure of Biomedical Engineers

Part of our mission at Marquette University (and that of many other schools) is to prepare students for their personal and professional lives after graduation.... Read more

The Afterlife

On 6 August 2016, Jeni Stepien married Paul Maenner in Swissvale, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh. The man who escorted the bride down the aisle was not exactly a relative...... Read more

A Shocking Experience with Respiratory Arrest

It was 23 March 1956. I got up very early to arrive on time, 7:45 a.m., at the Montegrande transmitting station of Transradio International.... Read more

The Wonderful World of Biodesign

Just as Kermit the Frog once said, β€œIt’s not easy being green.” It is also hard to innovate and profit from inventions relating to biodesign.... Read more