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Decoding Dance
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Laurent and Larry Bourgeois look more like cyborgs than humans when they dance. Their movements are impossible—their upper bodies gyrating independently of their lower extremities. Their moves are sporadic, easily mistaken as a video editing trick of starting, freezing, speeding up, and slowing down footage—a flow so mindboggling, it’s sometimes uncomfortable to watch.... Read more

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Editorial Blogs


An Early Telegraph Idea: Physicians Often Feel Attracted to Engineering

The objectives of medicine are to restore, maintain, and improve human health applying the biomedical sciences......

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Crowdfunding the Next Generation of Scientists?

A biomedical engineering lab at UC Irvine is trying a bold new experiment: crowd-funding a lab project to address lagging rankings of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic education (STEM) in the United States. Michelle Khine's Lab at UC Irvine has launched a one-month Kickstarter campaign to produce and develop an “inventor’s... Read more

The Fallacy of Genetic Selection

The assumption behind the assertion that genes are either useful and present or harmful and extirpated is that this is a binary situation where genes are either one way or the other. The reality is that there are more than two choices and, more likely, a gradation from highly undesirable to the organism to highly desirable, with the inten... Read more

Biomedical and Health Informatics: Future Prospects for the Field and for Our Students

It is now common knowledge that BME is one of the fastest growing job markets percentagewise. Still, this job market is relatively small at fewer than 20,000 U.S. jobs, so even a large percentage increase is minor...... Read more

The Figure One Problem

Like many undergraduate students, my plans and ideas for my career trajectory evolved over time. As I have written about before, I went back and forth during college about whether to pursue an M.D.-only or M.D./Ph.D. degree. No matter where I fell on that spectrum during that time, I talked to a variety of graduate students in the lab I w... Read more

ETAT 2013: Reflections on the First IEEE EMBS International Summer School on Telemedicine

The first IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biological Society (EMBS) Summer School on Emerging Technologies and Applications in Telemedicine (ETAT) was held 25–31 August 2013 in Slovakia. ETAT was cosponsored by IEEE EMBS, the National Centre of Telemedicine Services at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava...... Read more