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Neurotechnological Revolution
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The brain contains all that makes us human, but its complexity is the source of both inspiration and frailty. The world’s scientific community is working hard to unravel the secrets of the brain’s computing power... Read more

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Educating for Industry

During the last two decades, the number of undergraduate programs in BME and bioengineering (BE) has grown exponentially...

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Behind the Scenes at IEEE Pulse

Since taking the helm of IEEE Pulse in January 2014, I am very proud of how we have built on the solid journalistic foundation constructed by former Editor-in-Chief Mike Neuman to broaden the scope, increase the visibility, and heighten the global impact of the magazine... Read more

The Technology Hype Cycle

It has been said that the Stone Age did not end because ancient humans ran out of stones. No, the key was that new technologies allowed them to advance to something better: first copper, next bronze, and then steel... Read more

The Tango

The perception of music is a complex subject not yet fully understood that has led to a huge bibliography spreading from its physics foundations to mathematical descriptions, from a neurophysiologic basis to psychological aspects, but also setting its feet strongly on cultural facets... Read more

Propelling Your Career

Many are striving to understand what the “career ecosystem” looks like and wonder what it will look like by the time they will have finished their current degree, completed their fellowship, or by the time they are ready to move on to their next job. ... Read more

Clinical Engineering

To me, the title of this book implied that it might be useful as a textbook or as a reference handbook in survey courses on clinical engineering... Read more