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Creative Intelligence
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What does intelligence mean for a hospital where the main problems aren't incompatible computer systems and data overload but a lack of computers, of trained personnel, or even of basic resources?... Read more

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Where Technology and Patient Care Intersect

Where do patient satisfaction, medical advancement, and innovation meet? The answer is here—right in this issue as we ...

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Making Health Care Universally Accessible

In the past few decades, hospitals have become smarter, safer, and more sophisticated, which has accentuated health care costs and generated a rural-urban health care divide. Telemedicine has stepped in as an instrument to bridge the gaps... Read more

Genetic Discrimination and Racism

Discrimination seems to be an intrinsic trait inherent in our very being. We, as people, seem to be disposed to discriminate either for or against those who, for one reason or another, are unlike us. This dissimilarity may be recognized in speech, dress, comportment, age, or a host of other... Read more

Intracardiac Pressure–Volume Diagrams and Their Links with Thermodynamics

The main objective of this column is to historically connect the pressure–volume diagram (PVD) of the heat mechanical engines and that of the heart... Read more

Tips on Scientific Writing and Manuscript Preparation

Technical communication entails conveying information about a technology to intended audiences in different fields, including science, engineering, biotechnology, and medicine, often in the form of... Read more

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology aims to build or create new living organisms either from raw materials or from materials borrowed from other organisms. Although arguably only a short step away from the techniques already practiced in molecular biology... Read more