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John Rogers and the Ultrathin Limits of Technology
Cover Story

When Northwestern University near Chicago, Illinois, announced in August 2015 that it had hired away “soft electronics” pioneer John Rogers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the exuberant reports in Chicago and the agonized ones downstate all shared similar descriptions of the man...... Read more

Editorial Blogs


The Hygiene Hypothesis

Some call it the five-second rule, some extend that to five minutes, and some don’t care. This is the amount of time.....

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Analyzing How Devices Are Used

As a former design instructor, the title of this text interested me because I had not personally used the term contextual inquiry in my teaching, nor had I read it in literature.... Read more

Highlights in the History of the Fourier Transform

In general, integral transforms are useful tools for solving problems involving certain types of partial differential equations (PDEs), mainly when their solutions on the corresponding domains of definition are difficult to deal with. For a given PDE defined on a domain...... Read more

Technological Acceleration: A Few Musings

Scientists have recently reported the presence of water on Mars, renewing the hope that life exists on that planet and simultaneously offering a still-distant—but closer—dream for a place to be free (or perhaps freer?).... Read more

Develop the Foresight to Anticipate Hindsight

Shopping is not my favorite activity, but when I do have that opportunity, usually when on vacation, I often find myself in shops catering to tourists. Of course, the shop proprietors have filled their shelves with arts and crafts that are cute, attractive, and generally very appealing.... Read more

Technology: Toward Research in Biology

This text, primarily authored by W. David Lee, is a straightforward argument that there are many instances with a period of 40 or so years from the discovery of a technology (for example, X-rays and associated equipment) to the development and utilization of such equipment in the biologists’ laboratory such that DNA analysis could be pe... Read more