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Leslie Mertz

Leslie Mertz ( is a freelance science, medical, and technical writer, author, and educator living in northern Michigan.

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Why Space?

To do experiments in space, scientists must carefully think out and prepare their experiments long ahead of time, wait for an available launch window to get their projects up to the laboratories on the International Space Station, , rely in some cases on the expertise of the astronauts to carry out the experiments correctly, and then wait for their results to be transmitted or physically transported back to Earth

The View from Space

Want the real scoop on doing research in space? Ask someone who’s been there. Joe Kerwin and Jerry Linenger spent time with us to provide a unique and candid look at space-based biomedical research

One Step at a Time

One of the biggest health problems in the world is also one of the most solvable. Yet, millions of people continue to be afflicted every year, spend time in hospitals for costly treatment, and, in many cases, become permanently disabled when one of their limbs has to be amputated. Some motivated medical, engineering, and other professionals, however, envision a better future where new collaboration-inspired technologies address this devastating problem: foot ulcers among people who have diabetes.

Size Matters

Why are nanomaterials such a hot ticket? It’s all about size. Thanks to their small dimensions (at least one dimension fewer than about 100 nm) and, therefore, high ratio of surface area to volume, nanoparticles have some very unusual and interesting chemical and physical properties…