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Sharing the Knowledge - Project ECHO
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Project ECHO is a collaborative model of medical education and care management that empowers clinicians by providing the mentoring they need to treat their patient’s complex conditions where they live.... Read more

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Consilience of Conscience

Review of Lab Girl, a 2016 memoir of Hope Jagren, and Wireless Medical Systems and Algorithms: Design and Applications, providing discourses on the current state of the art in several areas of wireless medical system development and related algorithm developments.... Read more

Lamarck, Darwin, Wallace, and Ameghino

The universe is the most fundamental wonder: we, as humans, face it every day, contemplate it in endless amazement, question it in our search for answers. And long ago, at a particular moment in a tiny piece of that great wonder, a second wonder, perhaps deeper in reach, emerged: life. Then, slowly, life evolved to contain within it a thi... Read more

Sleep Quality Assessment

Physical recreation, hormone secretion, immune systems, memory functions, and mood are all related to sufficient and restorative sleep. As biomedical engineers, we would like to quantify this ultimate “sleep quality,” but how can we assess it?... Read more

Student Management Teams

It may seem like letting the fox in to guard the henhouse when students are asked to help with the way a class is taught, but it can be valuable to learn directly about student perceptions of course presentations. Having students help direct your course teaching is not such a bad idea.... Read more


The origins of convolution and its further and rather complex historical development were dealt with in detail in a previous article. We saw there that it can be traced back to the middle of the 18th century; however, its modern form and use are not more than 50 or 60 years old.... Read more