September/October 2017

Grappling with the Health Consequences of Floods
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In early September—when the rains from Hurricane Harvey finally subsided in Houston, Texas—Seth Pedersen loaded up his pickup truck with sample collection kits, waders, rubber boots, buckets, and a small aluminum fishing boat. Pedersen, a second year graduate student in environmental engineering at Rice University, was on a mission to test the water in homes flooded by Hurricane Harvey.... Read more

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Will Biotechnology Stop Aging?

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Three Outstanding Women in Science

This article considers three examples of amazing women who reached the highest intellectual levels, suffered tremendousl...

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Our Next Generation’s Reflections of EMBC’17

EMBC student members discuss their experiences at EMBC'17, which took place in July on Jeju Island, South Korea.... Read more

Exciting Times

What an exciting time to be a bio-based engineer! Biology is the new frontier of technological progress, and it is difficult to fathom how much is going on.... Read more

Tradeoffs in Capstone Design Courses Involving More Than One Discipline

According to a 2015 survey, 5% of capstone design course instructors indicated that their courses involve students from more than one engineering discipline. Students in these courses may hear presentations on topics of common interest and work together on project teams that require knowledge and skills from more than one discipline.... Read more

Practicing Medicine in Three Dimensions

Review of 3D Printing in Medicine from Elsevier Press, 2017. This heavily referenced text is a recommended read for anyone wishing to get up to speed in the area of 3D printing applications in the field of medicine.... Read more