September/October 2015

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It’s early morning and the fog is lifting over the mountains. Several middle school students have been seen running into the school. What’s the hurry? Turns out there are zombies on the loose!... Read more

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Introducing the Authors When the stream is driven by a powerful pump, the running waters can take you to the unknowns o...

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Pediatric Medical Device Innovators Win $100K in Awards

Two pediatric medical device innovators, AventaMed of Cork, Ireland and Prospiria, Inc. of Galveston, Texas, were selected from eight finalists to each receive a $50,000 award in the annual competition held by the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation at Children’s National Health System near Washington D.C.... Read more

Healthy Aging Hackathon at IIT Kharagpur

The hackathon provided an opportunity to six shortlisted teams to build technology prototypes with limited electronic resources, such as Arduino kits, zigbee modules, accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes, ultrasonic range, proximity sensors and unlimited dreams... Read more

Bringing a Modular Biosignal Toolkit to Market

Most biosignal acquisition systems in the market have price points way out of reach for most students. Plux-Wireless Biosignals, a start-up based in Lisbon, Portugal, realized this market gap and acted on it.... Read more

IEEE and HKN – Perfect Together

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) was founded in 1904 on the campus of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. The vision of the founders was to create an organization to both recognize the scholastic success of students, and to help electrical engineering graduates find employment and support in their careers.... Read more

It Is Diversity of Experience That Counts

Isaac Asimov, the celebrated science fiction writer, once wrote an essay about creativity [1]. The truly creative mind, he wrote, is one that makes new connections between previously separated concepts. This new connection can only come from the mind of an isolated individual; a new ... Read more

Work in Living Systems

This book is a four-editor, ten-contributor text with an interesting collection of nine essays regarding the relationship of work and life from a variety of viewpoints. These viewpoints are the products of thinking sessions among the authors, who come from fields such as electrical engineering, biology, psychology, neurobiology, marine research, management, and entrepreneurship... Read more

3-D Printed Pills: A New Age for Drug Delivery

A critical and often underappreciated step in the development of a new small-molecule drug is its manufacture into a pill for oral delivery. It is critical to maintain the biochemical potency that makes the drug a desirable therapeutic while simultaneously building in the physicochemical properties needed to meet the pharmacokinetic profile required for optimal clinical results... Read more

Opportunities to Identify Unmet Needs Outside of the Operating Room

The ability to identify unmet needs and new product opportunities is an important skill for biomedical engineering students planning a career in the medical device industry. Most biomedical engineering graduates will work in industry where many projects will not be defined for them. They will ... Read more