November/December 2018

Is the public ready for simple, at-home DNA tests to detect disease risk?
Cover Story

Most genetic testing requires a doctor’s prescription. In April 2017, however, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave genetics company 23andMe the go-ahead to sell DNA tests assessing the user’s level of risk for ten health conditions, including Parkinson’s disease and late-onset Alzheimer’s disease.... Read more

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Microbial Treatments for the Mind

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Editorial Blogs

Adequate, Not Best

What almost all students and many faculty members don’t realize is that engineering design/application solutions are rarely the best.... Read more

The Holy Grail and the Female Uterus

Let us review the role of women in the ancient Jewish-Christian tradition. The Old Testament (OT), the first part of the Christian Bible, is based primarily on the Hebrew scriptures (or Tanakh). The New Testament collects later writings.... Read more

A College-Level Overview of Biomedical Instrumentation

A review of Principles of Biomedical Instrumentation by Andrew G. Webb, 2018.... Read more

6 Pediatric Device Innovators Awarded a Total of $150K at Children’s National 6th Annual Pediatric Device Symposium

Six companies presenting innovative medical devices that address significant unmet needs in pediatric healthcare were awarded a total of $150,000 in grants at the Sixth Annual Pediatric Device Innovation Symposium organized by the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation at Children’s National Health System.... Read more