May/June 2019

Virtual Reality Is Taking the Hurt Out of Pain
Cover Story

Slip on a set virtual reality (VR) goggles and connected gloves, and you are transported to another world. For the entertainment industry, that kind of immersive VR may mean shoot-‘em-up games where players have to blast blood-thirsty aliens or other bad guys to save the ... Read more

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Microbial Treatments for the Mind

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HI-POCT 2019

Virtual Reality Pioneer Tom Furness on the Past, Present, and Future of VR in Health Care

Back in the mid-1960s, rotary-dial telephones were the norm, music cassette tapes were brand new, and microwave ovens hadn’t made it into houses yet. That’s also when newly minted electrical engineer Thomas Furness joined a U.S. Air Force Lab and began developing what would become ... Read more

Editorial Blogs

Save the Date: 2019 IEEE EMBS International Student Conference

Conference to be held Nov. 22-24, 2019 in Magdeburg, Germany.... Read more

EMBS’ Next Generation Reflects on EMBC’18

EMBC'18 was held from 17–21 July on the beautiful Waikiki beach of the Hawaiian island Oahu. Around 3,000 Biomedical Engineers participated in the annual meeting of IEEE EMBS. Participants spanned the spectrum from academics to industry, and students to professionals.... Read more

Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Biomedical Big Data

But for one flaw in the first printing of this text, this reviewer highly recommends this reference text. This 28-chapter, 89-author, large-format, liberally illustrated, well-referenced and up-to-date text will be of value to those entering the field and likely to those interested in teaching various aspects of biomedical big data collection and analysis.... Read more

The Slide Rule

Perhaps, in the far distant back of times, man in his need to somewhat quantify what he had collected to survive, needed to count, and his own fingers and toes became a good first instrument always available, so that easily got to 20 units.... Read more

Fun in the Classroom

Each class session is a different performance. Whether the instructor is at the top of his or her form or feeling very low that day, a mask must come over him or her, and the show commences at the appointed class start time. From that ... Read more