May/June 2015

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Right now thousands of women are connected to a machine. This machine is essentially a vacuum, but these women aren't housecleaning: they're pumping breast milk... Read more

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Microbial Treatments for the Mind

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Listening to Light and Seeing Through: Biomedical Photoacoustic Imaging

In today’s clinical practice, human vision remains the major diagnostic imaging tool that can capture the shapes and c...

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Ethical Considerations for Deep Brain Stimulation

A recent issue of IEEE Pulse (March/April 2015) featured an article by Shannon Fischer entitled “Inside Tract: Can Deep Brain Stimulation Survive Its Reputation for Success?” Deep brain stimulation (DBS) has been a well-accepted therapeutic intervention for Parkinson’s disease for many years. Recently, it has ... Read more

Why Are Our Teachers Taking It on the Chin?

In a local survey of Harford County, Maryland, public school teachers, 90% of the approximately 630 respondents indicated that they did not feel valued and respected by the school system... Read more

Packaging, Labeling, and Sterilization in Capstone Design

Lectures in capstone design courses provide an opportunity to present information needed by students to properly execute their projects and/or prepare them for their careers. They can be used to supplement reading assignments or introduce new material not presented elsewhere in the course or biomedical ... Read more

The Good Old Blackboard and Chalk

Teaching means to transmit a message to others and usually expects nothing in return. Many animal species teach their offspring how to hunt and protect themselves from predators, but this is not teaching in the human sense; it is instinct... Read more

Biomedical Imaging

This one-editor, 28-author, 12-chapter book provides a very good start-up guide for students, researchers, and clinicians looking for quick guidance on the technical fundamentals, molecular background, evaluation procedures, and clinical applications of well-established medical imaging modalities as well as newly emerging technologies using light or sound.... Read more