March/April 2019

Will Biotechnology Stop Aging?
Cover Story

Could biotechnology stop aging? The answer may be yes, no, or something in between, depending on who is being asked and what it means to “stop” aging. For those at one end of the spectrum— life extension seekers (including some deep-pocketed Silicon Valley investors)—the answer is “yes.” They believe biotechnology will lengthen human life spans to range anywhere from 1,000 years to forever. But for most, the answer is more nuanced and involves a dream of extended healthspan, rather than immortality.... Read more

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Microbial Treatments for the Mind

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Languages and Disabilities: Is There Anything BME Can Help Out With? Some History, Too

The Indo-European Languages (IELs) are a family of several hundred related tongues and dialects. There are about 445 liv...

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Written Communications

No matter if an engineer did the best job in the world with a design, if the person responsible for the design cannot communicate the design effectively, then the design effort was wasted. That’s the reason that I gave to my Transport Processes Design course students for requiring that they paid attention to communications in their design reports equal to the attention they paid to technical aspects of their designs.... Read more