March/April 2018

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Nuclear medicine has come a long way in a short time. Over the past three decades alone, it has taken two major steps forward and is now on the precipice of yet another advance that could begin to have a real impact on cancer care within the year.... Read more

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Microbial Treatments for the Mind

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HI-POCT 2019

Editorial Blogs

Gabriela Mistral

Gabriela Mistral, beyond her literary and political activities, was a born teacher, and we owe her much for this. The objective of this article is to highlight this aspect of her life and show how her generous and loving spirit brought light to so many.... Read more

To Have or to Do

It was just months after I had taken an assistant professor position at the University of Maryland when it happened. My home was 75 miles away...... Read more

Fundamental Principles of Animal Research

Review of Animal Models for the Study of Human Disease, 2nd Edition.... Read more