July/August 2018

The Many Textures of Robotics
Cover Story

Innovative researchers are employing flexible, rather than rigid materials in combination with new design approaches as part of the emerging field of biomedical soft robotics. The idea is to generate tools that conform to and interact with the human body in a much more natural and lightweight way, providing better treatment options for clinicians and translating into better outcomes for patients.... Read more

Editorial Blogs


Can AI Truly Transform Health Care?

As scholars have predicted and researchers have now shown, we are entering an age of global artificial intelligence convergence. Health care is just one area in which AI is gaining a foothold, as evidenced by two p...

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Call for Pediatric Cardiovascular Devices: $100K Competition Now Accepting Proposals

Children’s National Health System is now accepting proposals for its annual “Make Your Medical Device Pitch for Kids!” competition. New this year, the competition is focused on pediatric cardiovascular devices to address a significant unmet need for children.... Read more

Music Therapy and the Planets’ Consonances

Music therapy is a relatively frequent approach to several health problems nowadays, and it has its roots in ancient medicine, as was clearly showed by Liubov Ben-Noun in 2013. Moreover, music appears to be a truly natural, universal language that crosses all possible communication barriers.... Read more

Will the Real Designer Please Stand Up?

In the 1950s and 1960s, there was a popular television show called To Tell the Truth, on which three contestants claimed to be a person with an unusual occupation or distinction. Two of them were impostors, and the other was telling the truth.... Read more

Retirement Is Hell

For some people, retirement is the ultimate goal they aspire to reach at the end of their professional careers. For others, retirement is like a death knell to one’s ambitions.... Read more

Spotlight on Francine Kaufman

When I began my career in pediatrics more than 40 years ago, developing diabetes as a child negatively impacted health and well-being, and reduced life expectancy by many years. Children had episodes of very high and very low glucose levels that required hospitalization and could result in coma, seizures and death.... Read more