July/August 2017

Sharing Data to Solve the Riddle of Autism
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Worldwide, at least one in 100 people have autism spectrum disorder. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put the number at one in 68. Despite the high prevalence and increased awareness of autism in recent years, the underlying mechanisms still remain unclarified.... Read more

HI-POCT 2019
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Microbial Treatments for the Mind

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Cardiac Pacemakers

The Gulf of Naples and its surrounding area have served as a beautiful, historic, and romantic attraction for centuries,...

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2D:4D Finger Ratio as an Indication of Prenatal Testosterone Exposure

The ratio of the length of the second (index) finger to the length of the fourth (ring) finger on the right hand is termed the 2D:4D ratio (Figure 1). This ratio has been shown to be different for male and female humans [17] and animals ... Read more