January/February 2016

CAVE2 at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago
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Though the original Star Trek made its debut in 1966, in many ways, most of the technology it portrayed is still light years ahead. However, some of Star Trek’s technology has actually materialized in the last five decades: cell phones, for example, were inspired by the flip phone-like capabilities of communicators in the original series...... Read more

HI-POCT 2019
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Microbial Treatments for the Mind

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Challenges in Patient-Specific Computer Simulations of Image-Guided Therapies

For many therapeutic interventions, imaging has become an essential component of initial diagnosis....

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IEEE EMBS International Students Conference of Egypt (ISC-Egypt 2015)

The second IEEE EMBS International Students Conference of Egypt (ISC-Egypt'15), held 21-22 October 2015, was a scientific "by-students and for-students" gathering with a focus on biomedical and healthcare technologies...... Read more

Analyzing How Devices Are Used

As a former design instructor, the title of this text interested me because I had not personally used the term contextual inquiry in my teaching, nor had I read it in literature.... Read more

The Hygiene Hypothesis

Some call it the five-second rule, some extend that to five minutes, and some don’t care. This is the amount of time...... Read more

Highlights in the History of the Fourier Transform

In general, integral transforms are useful tools for solving problems involving certain types of partial differential equations (PDEs), mainly when their solutions on the corresponding domains of definition are difficult to deal with. For a given PDE defined on a domain...... Read more