Machine Learning Takes on Health Care

FIGURE 1 Leonard D’Avolio, Ph.D.
When Leonard D’Avolio (Figure 1: Photo courtesy of Cyft) was working on his Ph.D. degree in biomedical informatics, he saw the power of machine learning in transforming multiple industries; health care, however, was not among them. “The reason that Amazon, Netflix,

Tackling an Epidemic

Recently, the opioid epidemic is dominating news headlines and inspiring greater calls for political action in the United States. While opioid addiction isn’t a new issue, its devastating consequences are now being felt across the country. New and emerging treatments for opioid addiction hope to offer solutions to this crisis.

Brain-Related Matters

Highlighting new research and key questions, the IEEE Brain Initiative Workshop brought together experts from interdisciplinary areas to discuss the future of advanced neurotechnologies, as well as ethical considerations when working with the brain.

Testing the Waters

Water on Earth—in our oceans, rivers, lakes, and wetlands—might seem plentiful, but water that is clean and safe enough to drink actually isn’t so abundant.