Natural Disasters and Public Health

After the immediate emergency of a natural disaster is over and the media attention wanes, communities must deal with the long process of recovering and rebuilding. Yet some of the greatest challenges that disaster victims face come not from the disaster itself but from long-term health problems stemming from the event.

Clinician App Tackles Stress of Patient Task Management

Designed to assist with the administrative burden of patient care and practice management, Dock Health is a secure collaboration and task management platform. Ahmed Morsy, Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Pulse, spoke with Michael Docktor about the potential this platform has to assist with patient management tasks and ease the stress of clinician and administrative burnout.

New Quantitative Approach to Autism Diagnosis

Only a few years ago, leading autism expert David Amaral described the disorder as a lifelong disability. Today, he acknowledges that description is no longer true. “Research lately shows that a substantial proportion of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) show really substantial improvements in their autism symptoms,” says Amaral.

Opening Act

When an artery is blocked, stents are often the best way to open up the vessel. A mesh stent is tightly crimped over a tiny balloon and guided to the troubled spot; the balloon is inflated, expanding the stent, which forces the vessel open. Blood flow is restored.

Discovering Cancer Earlier

According to the National Cancer Institute, 4 million people die of cancer worldwide every year—almost 500 every hour. But the most shocking thing about that statistic is this: more than a third and possibly even the vast majority of those deaths could have been prevented through sufficiently early detection. Now, a new competition aims to turn that situation around.

AI Tackles Hospital Infections

For Ashley Zappia, getting her hands dirty was part of her job. Even though she always tried to remain as clean as possible, her work as a nursing aide at a Southern California hospital required a lot of diapering, changing, and other hands-on tasks.

The Eye as a Window to Health

The idea is a compelling one: a device that looks and feels like an ordinary contact lens but that can continuously monitor a variety of health indicators. For a diabetic, such a lens might update blood glucose levels and, using a built-in flashing LED indicator light, signal when a condition needs attention.

Neuromodulation Poses Next Step in Treating Heart Disease

Jeffrey Ardell, Founding Director of the UCLA Neurocardiology Research Program of Excellence, is a fellow of the American Heart Association and has been one of the principal investigators in the field of neurocardiology for the last three decades. IEEE Pulse recently spoke with him about the role neuromodulation will play in cardiac disease intervention.