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Summer Allen

Summer Allen is a freelance science writer based in Rhode Island. Her writing has been published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, the Washington Post’s On Parenting blog, the Pain Research Forum and Rhode Island Public Radio.

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Animal Models

Dogs have bad breath. But when Montana sheep rancher Katy Harjes noticed her collie, Hoshi, had particularly bad breath and facial swelling, she was concerned that the symptoms might be a sign of something serious.

Healing the Burn

When brothers Jamie and Glen Selby, aged 5 and 7, arrived at the Shriners Burns Institute in Denver, Colorado, in July 1983, more than 97% of their skin had been destroyed by a fire they had accidentally started while playing in an abandoned house. The

Giving Voice to Emotion

It’s tough to imagine anything more frustrating than interacting with a call center. Generally, people don’t reach out to call centers when they’re happy—they’re usually trying to get help with a problem or gearing up to do battle over a billing error. Add in an automatic phone tree, and you have a recipe for annoyance.

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Hacking Away

Imagine a room filled with hundreds of highly accomplished people. There are doctors, engineers, software developers, entrepreneurs, designers, and scientists. All these people have put their busy work lives on pause for the same reason: to spend the next 24 to 72 hours in intense concentration