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Paul King

Paul King

Paul H. King, PhD, PE is a founding member and past Chairman of the Biomedical Engineering department at Vanderbilt University, where he is currently a Professor Emeritus. He has additionally worked in the areas of Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology, Orthopedics, forensics, and Anesthesiology. His teaching specialty was design, he continues this effort, forensics, and some medical device development work. Much of his teaching and research information can be found online.

Author Articles

Physics in Biology and Medicine

The value of this text is that it can be used as a supplement to a standard physics course, or can be used to justify the “medical” part of a medical physics class, can be used in an introductory bioengineering seminar, or can be used to elaborate on topics in physiology for engineers.

Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Biomedical Big Data

But for one flaw in the first printing of this text, this reviewer highly recommends this reference text. This 28-chapter, 89-author, large-format, liberally illustrated, well-referenced and up-to-date text will be of value to those entering the field and likely to those interested in teaching various aspects of biomedical big data collection and analysis.

A Survey of Medical Device Technology

Biomedical Device Technology: Principles and Design, 2nd Ed.
By Anthony Y.K. Chan, CC Thomas Publisher, 2016. ISBN 978-0-398- 09083-8, viii + 748 pages, US$85.95.
According to the preface, this text is “written for engineers and technologists who are interested in understanding the principles, design, and applications of