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Michele Solis

Michele Solis is a freelance science writer and former neuroscientist living in Seattle, Washington.

Author Articles

Committing to Memory

Cell phone chimes, sticky notes, even the proverbial string around a finger—these timehonored external cues help guard against our inevitable memory lapses. But some internal help to the brain itself may be on the way in the form of what’s being called memory prosthetics.

Controlling Seizures Through Chemogenetics

Electricity is the currency of our nervous systems. Thinking and planning, walking and talking, eating and sleeping—all our mental and physical activities are driven by electrical signals moving through the brain. This electrical traffic ebbs and flows in consistent patterns across different brain regions, carrying information from one neuron to the next.

Steering Organoids Toward Discovery

Over the past decade, researchers have discovered that, left to their own devices, stem cells will generate multiple cell types that assemble into structures resembling an organ. These organoids have been made for many body parts, including the retina, liver, intestine, kidney, and even the brain.