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Kristina Grifantini

Kristina Grifantini, M.S., is an award-winning science writer hailing from San Diego, California. She has written hundreds of technology and medical articles for a variety of publications, including including MIT Technology Review, Sky and Telescope Magazine, LiveScience, and others. Chat with her on Twitter: @kgrifant or visit

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The State of Nanorobotics in Medicine

From Ant-Man to the Incredible Shrinking Machine, society has long envisioned developing devices tiny enough to enter human cells. Such nanotechnology could revolutionize the diagnosis of diseases like cancer and neurodegeneration, span new methods of precise drug delivery, and even directly repair damaged organs.

Self Driving and Self Diagnosing

Advances in automobile technology have made headlines over the last few years, and not always for good reasons. In March 2018, an Uber self-driving car ran over a pedestrian in Arizona—the latest in a handful of casualties tied to automated car systems.

To See Anew

Humans have been using technology to improve their vision for many decades, but options are far fewer for those who have not seen since birth or who have reached stages of blindness in later life.

Knowing What You Eat

Food allergies and sensitivities have always been a public health problem but are becoming more prevalent worldwide. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports that millions of Americans have allergic reactions to food each year.

Cover Story

Star Trek in Real Life: How Close Are We?

Though the original Star Trek made its debut in 1966, in many ways, most of the technology it portrayed is still light years ahead. However, some of Star Trek’s technology has actually materialized in the last five decades: cell phones, for example, were inspired by the flip phone-like capabilities of communicators in the original series…