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Kristina Grifantini

Kristina Grifantini, M.S., is an award-winning science writer hailing from Boston. She has written hundreds of technology and medical articles for a variety of publications, including Technology Review magazine, Sky & Telescope magazine, LiveScience, and others. Chat with her on Twitter: @kgrifant or visit

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To See Anew

Humans have been using technology to improve their vision for many decades, but options are far fewer for those who have not seen since birth or who have reached stages of blindness in later life.

Knowing What You Eat

Food allergies and sensitivities have always been a public health problem but are becoming more prevalent worldwide. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports that millions of Americans have allergic reactions to food each year.

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Star Trek in Real Life: How Close Are We?

Though the original Star Trek made its debut in 1966, in many ways, most of the technology it portrayed is still light years ahead. However, some of Star Trek’s technology has actually materialized in the last five decades: cell phones, for example, were inspired by the flip phone-like capabilities of communicators in the original series…

The Telltale Heartbeat

The pulse rate has long been considered a basic and essential window on a person’s general physical condition. A racing heart could mean a person is at risk for a heart attack or, conversely, simply stressed, excited, or exercising. An erratic heartbeat could be a

Incubating Innovation

Incubators, accelerators, innovation centers, launch pads. Everyone defines the idea a bit differently, but, generally, these infrastructures refer to a subsidized space where fledgling companies get support with the goal of propelling early businesses to success.