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Jennifer Berglund

Jennifer Berglund is a journalist, photographer, filmmaker, and multimedia producer based in Boston. She travels the world to tell stories about science.

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Women’s Health Is Personal

One fall day in Boston, Ridhi Tariyal sat on an examination table in her primary care doctor’s office. Her doctor sat across from her, hurriedly transcribing notes as Tariyal responded to the doctor’s questions. It was the end of Tariyal’s physical, and the waiting room

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Minor Invasions

As the demand for leave-no-trace procedures is on the rise, a rising number of new technologies have emerged that have increasingly enabled Americans to bypass the knife altogether.

Decoding Dance

Laurent and Larry Bourgeois look more like cyborgs than humans when they dance. Their movements are impossible—their upper bodies gyrating independently of their lower extremities. Their moves are sporadic, easily mistaken as a video editing trick of starting, freezing, speeding up, and slowing down footage