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Colin J. H. Brenan

Colin J. H. Brenan

IEEE Pulse

Colin J.H. Brenan is a serial life sciences entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in scientific research, project management, product development, strategic marketing and financing of early-stage life science companies. He is presently Chief Technology Officer and Head of Business Development for his most recent venture HiFiBiO BV. Colin received his B.Sc. (Honours Physics), M.Eng. (Electrical) and Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering) from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and completed post-doctoral training at MIT (Cambridge, USA).

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3-D Printed Pills: A New Age for Drug Delivery

A critical and often underappreciated step in the development of a new small-molecule drug is its manufacture into a pill for oral delivery. It is critical to maintain the biochemical potency that makes the drug a desirable therapeutic while simultaneously building in the physicochemical properties needed to meet the pharmacokinetic profile required for optimal clinical results

Behind the Scenes at IEEE Pulse

Since taking the helm of IEEE Pulse in January 2014, I am very proud of how we have built on the solid journalistic foundation constructed by former Editor-in-Chief Mike Neuman to broaden the scope, increase the visibility, and heighten the global impact of the magazine

Single Cell Sequencing: The Future of Cancer Care

The advent of oncology therapies acting against molecular targets in pathways inhibiting carcinogenesis has opened new treatment options with greatly reduced toxicities. A recent example is the blocking of the epidermal growth factor signaling pathway by the binding of a monoclonal antibody to the EGF receptor or the inhibition of tyrosine kinase activity in the EGF pathway

Life as a Serial Entrepreneur

Recently, I was sitting in a local coffee shop trying to think of a topic for my editorial in this issue of IEEE Pulse, and I was having little success. I thought it ironic that I spend the majority of my day writing e-mails, proposals, and reports but couldn’t think of a topic for what should be a simple assignment: writing this column. Since becoming editor-in-chief of IEEE Pulse, I am now challenged to think of interesting topics on which I can opine on a regular basis. After some thought, I elected to fall back on the tried and true writer’s adage and write about what I know: what it is like to be a serial entrepreneur.